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Transformation central
OOC Information:
Name: Liz (Or Liz2 or LizA)
Age: 20
AIM: effinscience

IC Information:
Name: Anarchy Panty
Fandom: Panty and Stocking with Garderbelt
Timeline: Past episode 6
Age: Probably in her late teens, though considering she’s an angel, she’s probably much older than she looks.
Appearance: Basically she’s hot shit
Abilities: To make a long story short, she can turn her panties into a pistol that she calls Backlace. She can turn any underwear into a gun, actually, but her panties are her favorite, hence why she bought them I guess. She can also use this ability to COMBINE panties into a bigger gun. Y’know. Just in case she needs a show-er instead of a grow-er.

However, Backlace can’t hurt any non-spiritual being, like humans, animals, stuff like that. But demons, ghosts, spirits, and angels? She got that. She’s just as good at using normal guns as well, but she hates the smell of gunpowder so she rarely does it.
Personality: Calling her an angel is practically a joke. She sleeps around like a fiend, by the end of the show having slept with a total of 1000 men during her time on earth. Be impressed, she sure is. She has pretty low standards, consisting, basically, of “anyone with a penis who isn’t named Geek Boy” though, spoiler alert, eventually that standard gets pushed to the wayside too.

She takes almost nothing other than sex seriously. She doesn’t really care about this whole ghost hunting thing unless the monster of the week screws with her personally. She’s also a shameless sort of person and doesn’t mind flashing the whole world her vajayjay on television (Britney Spears is that you?) and poledancing in front of a bunch of people.

She’s almost Stocking’s opposite in the things she likes: Spicy food instead of sweet, jogging instead of blogging, small sensitive breasts instead of big ones… The list goes on.

She also curses like a sailor and is generally rude and bitchy.
History: Prior to the start of the show Panty and Stocking were both kicked out of Heaven for. Being themselves instead of good angels and were sent down to earth to kill ghosts that plague a placed called Daten City which rests between Heaven and Hell so there’s a lot of weird supernatural shit going on there. Up until episode 6, it’s in an American cartoon style where there’s no exact storyline other than 1. Talk about monster 2. Find monster 3. FAITO! 4. ??? 5. Profit

But once episode 6 comes around, they end up going back to school (they really only started going to defeat a ghost that was evidently living there and killing her) only to find out… Someone took their place as the queen bees oh no! And double oh no because the “someones” turn out to be a pair of demons, Scanty and Kneesocks, who are pretty much the exact opposite of Panty and Stocking, meaning obsessed with order and rules and all that sort of thing. The Demon Sisters just so happened to be producing fake ghosts in the subbasement of the school and were planning on using them to take over Daten City.

So naturally, they fight. And with Brief’s help, they destroy the stone that was powering the ghost-making machine (and destroy the school, whoopsie).
Roleplay Sample - Log: They were all so hot. Panty had somehow managed to land herself in the middle of a smorgasbord of sexy, sweaty guys playing basketball in – what the fuck was this place, a rec room? Yeah, alright, a rec room, so not the point. So many men in one place… That was the point.

Okay, calm down Panty, you got this. You can watch and drool over them ooooor…~

Well, no, that actually sounded pretty fucking okay too. She’d just snarl one once he went away from the herd. Like a lioness or some shit. Yeah. A lioness. Panty could totally handle lioness. A sexy, horny lioness. What guy didn’t want a lioness in bed, seriously? Okay, gay guys, but other than them.

With that thought filling her head she went and had a seat on the bench, smirking at the best thing this crappy facility had ever supplied.
Roleplay Sample - Journal: Hey what the fuck is this place?!

Garder! Stockiiiing? …Geek Boy?

Don’t tell me I’m alone in this shithole?! Oh what’s a poor girl to do, all alone in a scary place with no one to keep her warm at night~

Oh well I’m sure there’s some cute guy around here to help with that last part at least. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make it with an angel, turn on your video and show me what you’ve got while I go kill these douchebags who brought me here. It shouldn’t take long.

Questions? Comments? Crazed and creative statements? Those go here. So would she have to go commando in Fac 1 or is it okay for her to still get to keep her magic underwear powers?


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